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“Petroleum Jelly for Survival”

I first learned about petroleum jelly for survival when researching ways to make my ferro rod more effective for starting fires.  However, the more research I did the more uses I found for this miracle substance.  Petroleum jelly is the generic term for Vaseline, a petroleum byproduct that is technically considered a lubricant.

It should be noted that Vaseline is not the only brand of petroleum jelly on the market.  When addressing its uses, I will be looking specifically at Vaseline.  This product is non-carcinogenic, highly refined, and triple purified.  It is actually an organic product that contains no fragrances, colors, or irritants.  It hypo-allergenic and will not block your pores.  For some of the uses listed below, other brands of petroleum jelly may not work as well.

In this article I will cover all of the potential uses of this substance.  You will find that keeping petroleum jelly in your bug out bag or hiking pack is always a good idea.

Uses for Petroleum Jelly

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