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“New Handgun: STI’s DVC Carry”

The DVC Carry moves a STI line of pistols better known for competition squarely into the realm of self-defense.

For the most part, STI’s DVC line of 2011 pistols have been engineered to gun for the gold at shooting competitions — steel, practical or otherwise. But the Texas company has gotten downright defensive with the performance handgun’s latest iteration.

The STI DVC Carry integrates all the gunmaker’s proven technology into a compact package purpose-built for the concealed carry market. And while it has plenty of features certain to capture the attention of shooters, there is one particular aspect of the 9mm that has the potential to get hearts fluttering: capacity.

Being a 2011 means the pistol is a double stack, allotting nearly twice the capacity of traditional 1911s. In the case of the DVC Carry, it’s 15+1 (it also comes with an extended 17-round magazine). STI pioneered this design in the 1990s for competitive shooters, helping them save precious seconds by cutting down reloads. But it makes a logical transition to the defensive pistol end of the spectrum, giving shooters the time-tested 1911 function with modern-day capacity.

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