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“How to Prep if You Live in a Senior Retirement Place”

If you currently reside in a senior retirement community and worry about the state of affairs in our country and across the world, there is hope. One thing you can do to make sure that you and those around you are ready is to start getting prepared.

Just because you’re getting older and may have some physical limitations, doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to be ready for what may be looming on the horizon. In addition, you have a huge advantage in that you’ve lived through times without electronics and other luxuries. You have knowledge of how to do things that many young people may not have.

Become Informed

There are tons of books out there both fiction and non-fiction which will help you to understand what kinds of events might be coming and what kind of situations you could be up against when SHTF. Two books that you may find helpful for you to understand what kinds of things you could be up against, are Patriots written by James Wesley Rawles and 77 Days in September authored by Ray Gorham.

This list of best survival movies and TV shows can not only help you get your mindset ready to prep but can help you to influence others in your senior community that prepping is necessary. The more you know about the kinds of dangers that will be present after a natural disaster or during a SHTF, the better you will be at preparing overall.

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