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“Fish Traps to Catch Your Limit”

Fish is one of the best survival foods you will ever find.  It is packed with protein, full of fatty oils, and can be found in almost any body of water.  However, in a survival situation you rarely have a rod and reel with you.  So now what?

The rod and reel is a much more modern invention and is designed to catch one fish at a time while targeting a specific species.  When you are trying to survive you will likely not be that selective.  The goal is to gather as many fish as possible no matter what the species.

Primitive fish traps are the best way to do this.  These traps use natural and found materials to catch fish and hold them until you can check your trap.  They are all fairly simply, but some require more time for construction than others.

Bottle Fish Trap

This is definitely the easiest trap to build.  Any plastic bottle will work well for this, but a 2 Liter bottle works best.  Remove the label from your bottle and cut the top off just below the bend.  Next, you can cut the mouth of the bottle to be a bit larger if you want to attract larger fish.

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