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“8 Daily Routine Habits that Will Make You a Better Prepper”

Being a prepper is a lifestyle choice, and as such you will need to build up habits that will allow you to become a proper prepper rather than just somebody who happens to have food and supplies stocked up.

Some of the habits listed here might seem hard to manage and that is precisely why you must turn it into a habit. A habit is not something you do because you are required to, that is just how they start; a habit is something that you do naturally such as brushing your teeth or doing your bed in the morning.

If you train yourself to do all of these things soon enough you will have the skills and mental sharpness to survive when TSHTF. You should encourage your family members to take up these activities as well since it will increase the chances of your collective survival.

  1. Keep Fit

This is one of the most important aspects of the prepper’s lifestyle. Keeping fit will not only improve the quality of the life you are currently leading, but it will also greatly improve your chances of survival when TSHTF. Granted, with all the things keeping you busy every day, it might seem impossible to spare time to get properly fit; however, that is exactly why you should make it a habit rather than a hobby. Remember, exercising is like eating: you need to do it every day.

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