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“5 Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting”

In a defensive shooting situation, these are the basics that will help to save you and your loved ones’ lives.

Most violent confrontations are sudden, dynamic and unpredictable. After all, if you knew there was going to be a fight, you would apply our number one tactic, which is avoid and escape. There are times, however, when this isn’t an option, and an immediate defensive response is required. The fundamentals of responding to a threat or attack are move, communicate, use cover, shoot, if necessary, and think.

The problem with these fundamentals is that none of them are natural; almost everything you need to do in response to a threat goes completely against our natural instincts. Our natural response to a threat is to freeze until we figure out what’s going on. Once we decide to fight, our instinct is to root to the ground. What we need to do is move. Communication consumes a large part of our brain’s resources. Under stress it’s extremely difficult, and it requires practice to overcome the lockjaw you’ll experience. The same thing is true when using cover. Almost everything you must do to take advantage of the protection cover offers goes against our natural inclinations. Shooting isn’t instinctual to begin with, and it’s even more difficult under stressful conditions. We aren’t built to have explosions going off in our hands, even the controlled explosion of shooting a firearm. Finally, thinking is mandatory. Defending against a violent attacker is a mental process – problem solving at high speed. If you’re not thinking and acting, then all you’re doing is reacting, which is a bad place to be when someone is trying to harm you or your family.

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