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“19 Uses for Dental Floss (Besides Flossing Your Teeth)”

You probably have a roll or two of it in your bathroom. You know, in that drawer in the vanity that has the old razor you haven’t used in months, the cord for a shaver that broke last year, several band-aids and various tubes of ointments (most likely half of them are expired). I’m talking about dental floss (Duh, didn’t you see the title).

Dental Floss for Survival Use

Well, that roll of dental floss can be used for a lot more than getting that chunk of steak fat from between those two back molars. It actually has a lot of uses, and since a roll is so small you can stash one (or four) in your bug out bag for in case of emergencies. Not only can dental floss can be an indispensable addition to your BOB (especially considering a 140 yd roll of mint waxed is only $1 at the Dollar general Stores), but keeping one in the car for emergencies can be a good idea as well.

Now the minty flavored part is irrelevant, but being waxed helps it stay dry and makes it easier for uses like stitching leather. I regularly use un-waxed dental floss to stitch leather, but I used un-waxed so it will take the dye. When I dye the object I have made, and besides, I am going to rub beeswax on it when it’s finished anyway. But for use as an emergency string, I would opt for the waxedtype because that makes it water proof.

Starting Small

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